Wedding Suits


Why do wedding dresses cost thousands of pounds to be worn only once, when wedding suits can be enjoyed for years?

This disparity has never made sense to me.  Why wouldn’t you invest in a wedding suit you can wear well into the future, not just your wedding day? 

Your day, your way

Above all else, your wedding suit should be comfortable on the day. The last thing you want on your big day is to be fidgeting with an ill-fitting hire suit. What you wear is a reflection of who you are and how you fit together with your partner. Regardless of where you sit on the gender spectrum, we will have you looking your absolute best.


It goes without saying that we can cater for a variety of needs, styles and budgets. Over the years we’ve been privileged to make for some wonderful clients. The variety of our involvement for their wedding day event has ranged from making a waistcoat to match a pre existing suit, to business style suits, and black tie. On more than one occasion tailoring either complimentary or identical suits for both parties.

Our wedding suit tailoring has featured on Rock n Roll Bride blog

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Benedict Ernst

Great experience with Kerry and her team! Completely beyond my expectations!! I had a grey flannel suit that I dreamed of making a 3 piece with the addition of a waistcoat. Kerry managed to not only amazingly find a perfect match fabic but also make me a beautiful, cleverly matching piece that really raises the outfit. After the initial measurements the rest was done by post (as I Iive in London) with no hassle. Second alteration back and forth and it fits like a glove! Thank you!

Si Jones

Thanks so much for all the work you put into my amazing wedding suit – I enjoyed wearing it on the day and everyone said it looked awesome. I’m already planning to wear it again this weekend!

Heidi Strickland-Clark

I am the best dressed fitness instructor in town thanks to Kerry! Well, from the waist down anyway…

I’ve used Goodrich Bespoke for alterations and mending jobs for a few years but thought I’d try something else.

I fancied a pair of pin-stripe stretchy leggings to run my Fit Camp sessions in. I wanted smart but stretchy, tailored but easy to move in. Kerry completely nailed it and I love them!

The turnaround was quick and I’ve got a second pair on order to set me up for a while.

Thank you ladies, always a pleasure to drop in and see you.

Laura Butchart

Kerry tailored my wedding suit back in 2015 and I have been a customer ever since!

From bespoke suit and shirt, to adding buttons to tailoring male (highstreet) suits to fit female Goodrich Bespoke is the place to take any garment needing work

Ann Farr

Kerry made me a trouser suit and waistcoat to die for. It was so good it was featured in a Reading newspaper. She has a wonderful variety of fabrics to choose from, makes marvellous suggestions and her tailoring and attention to detail is spot on. I’ve now given her a couple more projects and just know she’ll make exactly what I hoped for. I wish her lots and lots of success because she deserves it.

Graham Swannell

What a stunning costume… This lady is a real artist.

Sue and Jane

The suits were fantastic – Jane’s especially received so many comments – and we both felt a million dollars! We need an excuse now to wear them again. Thank you again so much.

Mary Stewart

I really didn’t expect all three trousers, only the tartan [for my holiday]. Thank you so much.