TVXQ Gingham suits

TVXQ Gingham suits

Gingham Suits

I have no idea who TVXQ are so, as I suspect you may not either, I shall help with the assistance of my good friend Google.

TVXQ are a South Korean pop duo, they formed in 2003 and began as a 5 member group. They are one of Asia’s most successful music acts of their generation and are often referred to as the “Kings of K-pop”. So there you have it.

The suits were very different to the usual, which is why Madame Tussaud’s had them made, sourcing the gingham fabric was a nightmare. The checks were all either too big, too small or lacking shine. In the end they found me a very thin Thai silk that was not very well made as the checks varied in width. This wouldn’t be an issue for most purposes for the fabric but you can imagine my head was exploding at the urge to pattern match the checks.

The bold lines of black and white on the trousers and checkered jacket certainly attract the eyes, probably from across town, not just a room!

Sometimes trying to take photos of my work on the stand can be difficult as you can see, the photo with the jacket on the stand does not sell it well. When I work with a figure and the pose they are in, sometimes we (myself and the Tussauds’ team) will bend reality ever so slightly to make the figure look its best. In this example it is in the setting of the sleeves. On the stand the sleeves have too much fullness at the front, the figure pose has his shoulder blades pushed back and broadening the width across his chest. So, it doesn’t look so good on the stand. However when it is made for the figure (as is all bespoke) suddenly the garment comes to life and hangs as it was meant to.

I’m not a fan of what I call the “spray on suit” but the style does look good on them. Would you be game to wear a gingham suit?

silk gingham jacket

tvxq madame tussauds gingham suits

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