Unique Ladies Matching Waistcoat and Trousers

Unique Ladies Matching Waistcoat and Trousers

Ann is one of my repeat bespoke customers with the most elegant style. As I’m sure she won’t mind me mentioning that she is older, she decided a few years ago that it was time that she treated herself to clothing she loves and fits her well. This time she brought me her own cloth, a length of variegated width herringbone in black and white to make up a waistcoat and matching trousers. She told me that she had the cloth for many years, waiting for the right outfit to make from it. The matching waistcoat and trousers were her choice and her only criteria she gave me was that the trousers would be wide legs with turn ups.

You can see her embroidered waistcoat 3-piece suit I blogged about here. Ann and I have very similar taste and within a day had suggested a style of waistcoat I had been thinking of making. It comes from a scan I found on the Cutter and Tailor forum from Germany in the late 1930’s (I think) and Ann loved it.

I modified the waistcoat style to keep with what will suit Ann’s figure; changing the tie to a buckle and strap. Instead of halter we kept the back lining which Ann was so in love with. I added details like the little triangle tab at the back for the strap as well as a V cut out at the back, mirroring the front shape.











Some of the best garments can come out of using vintage cloth, Ann’s bespoke matching waistcoat and trousers are a testament to that. True bespoke garments are always unique but vintage cloth can add that little extra sentimental value to the garment.

I am happy to make from cloth you supply as long as it is suitable to work with and right for the design. To book a time to discuss your bespoke tailoring needs, contact us here.