Stevie Wonder for Madame Tussauds

Stevie Wonder for Madame Tussauds

Stevie Wonder for Madame Tussaud’s Nashville Attraction

The brief for this figure came through and, I will admit, I got a little excited. Lets face it, it was probably for all the wrong reasons. Whilst I do like Stevie wonders music, I was quite caught up in the style of that suit! Tell me who doesn’t love a patchwork denim tuxedo, a satin lapelled denim jacket that has lapels so big you could get caught in a gust of wind and wind up three suburbs over. Okay, so I jest. I can tell you that it beats making a navy blue two piece suit over and over, day in, day out.

Starting with a reference photo, it did take some serious brain power to plot the pieces, working out which shade of denim goes where and making sure that they all work together like a 1970’s denim jigsaw. This suit was fit using a toile, a practice shape to get the fit right before diving into the fabric. This can work well for the designers at Madame Tussaud’s as we can get the shape just right and mark straight onto the fitting what we need to do. From my point of view it helped to gauge just where to put the seams to recreate the reference photo. Sometimes I have the figure in the studio but this time, due to the speed the suit was needed I ventured in to Shepherds Bush and fit the figure in the Merlin Studios.

The trousers were made from a light weight wool and the satin used for the lapels doubled for the waistcoat. I’m a touch frustrated that I haven’t been able to see the suit on the figure in full. All the promotional photos I have found has him shot sat behind the piano so you’ll just have to imagine from the chest down.

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Stevie Wonder for Madame Tussauds cloth

Stevie Wonder for Madame Tussauds sleeve

Stevie Wonder for Madame Tussauds

stevie wonder for madame tussauds

Stevie Wonder for Madame Tussauds

stevie wonder denim jacket

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