Professional alterations service 

At Goodrich Bespoke we offer a full clothing alteration service, no job is too big or small.  All our alterations are performed in house, from sewing on a button to a complete suit reconstruction or wedding dress fitting. Our friendly and relaxed studio is perfect to try on your garments, with plenty of space in the fitting area. 

What we can alter

We accept all clothing repairs, garment mending and alterations. The exceptions to this are heavy leather and furs as these require specific machinery and a leather specialist. If you are unsure about a garment, please bring it in. We can tell you straight away how we can help, if not, we may be able to advise an alternative.

The best clothing alteration is one that makes a garment look as though it was made for you

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting curtain alterations. Please contact Jane at Jane Carr Interiors for all your curtain and soft furnishing needs.

The most popular jobs we do are:

  • Trouser and skirt waist adjustments 
  • Trouser, skirt & dress hems
  • Jeans hems
  • Shirt and suit sleeve shortenings
  • Wedding dresses
  • Prom dresses
  • Formal/evening dresses
  • Replace zips
  • Suit resizing
  • Repairs
  • Mending
    • … and much more

A stitch in time, saves nine

Why choose us

We’ve all bought that garment that you really like but something about it just doesn’t look right.

Perhaps it doesn’t hang smoothly? Or maybe you feel a pinch here or too baggy there?

No problem, we can help. We take the stress out of the alteration process. With the knowledge of bespoke and construction supporting our clothing alteration service, we are able to assess the best way to achieve the look you want. Sometimes we are able to offer a choice of options to achieve the optimal result, depending on your budget. We are highly skilled at what we do, ensuring that the alteration you get is the one you actually need.


Why do we throw away so many garments when they can be repaired or altered to to fit?

We encourage the make, mend and do approach to looking after your wardrobe. We want to see you get the most from your clothing, regardless of the brand label or the price you paid. Just like our bespoke clothing is made to last longer than the shop bought counterpart, ensuring your clothes fit you and are well maintained will extend the life of the garment.

Not only does it make financial sense to have your wardrobe filled with garments you’ll wear regularly, spending a little extra to improve the fit and look of your clothing ensures you look your best at all times.

Fast fashion has become an unhealthy shopping choice, much like fast food. The positive benefit of a shiny new garment is short lived, sometimes only lasting until the first laundering. Our purchasing decisions shape the way factories produce the garments we buy. If we reduce the consumer demand for low end products, we can sway the production quality at a factory level. Reducing the demand for fast fashion will also help in reducing landfill.

Smart shopping

Some simple things that we can do to boost the level of quality in the garment industry is by buying UK brands. Researching your favourite brands, supporting local businesses and choosing how (or with what brands) you spend your money makes a huge difference. These small actions all help to shape the demand for what and how the clothing factories manufacture their products.

Forced garment obsolescence is when it costs more to repair a garment than to buy a new one. These garments have been produced with no long term benefit for the consumer. Checking the quality and construction of a garment prior to buying can make a big difference to the life of your purchase. For example: check to see if a zip can be replaced in a coat. Some companies add design features like poppers that are placed in the zip tape. These may look good but render your zip irreplaceable if it breaks. Then forcing you to purchase a new coat (and taking more of your money).

Do I need an appointment?

No. For the majority of clothing alterations and repairs we offer a drop in service. This flexible system suits our busy customers, making our clothing alteration service as effortless as possible. We are happy to help, fit and advise you on your outfit. Should you need to wait a few minutes while we are busy with another customer you are welcome to relax on the couch.

If you need wedding dress adjustments or have a wedding party group, we please ask that you to call us to make an appointment. These fittings can take longer to ensure we achieve the high quality service we offer.


image of thimble needle and thread used for our clothing alteration service

We provide a ticket with the cost at the time of drop off. Our alteration prices are very competitive and most alterations have standard prices. These prices can vary according to the garment construction or limitations of the design. One such example is shortening jacket sleeves that have working buttonholes. We are unable to provide accurate quotes over the phone or via email. Alternatively our standard prices can be used as a guideline ahead of time.

Turn Around Times

We aim to keep our turn around times as short as we can, usually taking around 3-4 working days. The collection date will vary due to our current workload. All our alteration orders are booked in on a first-come, first-served basis. Our busy season is usually around March to June when weddings, prom season, Henley Regatta and Ascot Races are all taking place.

Allow enough time for any outfits needed by a fixed date to avoid disappointment. For your convenience, we send you a text message to let you know when your alteration is ready to collect.

Please note: If we do not hear from you any uncollected alterations will be donated to charity after 6 months.

Edward Bragg

Great to pick up two suits and a blazer from Kerry this morning having been perfectly altered.

Janina Spencer

Very impressed with the professionalism and honesty of the staff at Goodrich Bespoke. They gave me good advice re. an alteration and have completed a few alterations for me in the past meaning my old clothes get further wear out of them. Thank you

Carla Glanville

Fantastic place! A very fast turnaround, really friendly service & highly skilled! My dress was altered perfectly & I felt really welcome in the shop. Thank you 😀

Stephen Feldwick

The team are miracle workers, having repaired suit trousers and very recently performed their alchemy on a badly ripped (expensive) pair of Lycra cycling shorts. Always friendly and up for a bit of banter too. Thoroughly recommended.

Sam Fowles

Gave Kerry some tricky garments to alter for me and they are all perfect! Thank you so much.

Nerys Humphris

Popped in with a jumpsuit which I thought needed lots of alterations as it just wouldn’t sit well. Feared it would be a very expensive job… What a different outcome! A few pins later and I was told it was just needed a few stitches to sort the lining out. An amazingly simple solution turned it into my perfect outfit! I felt like a million dollars wearing it, felt like it was made to measure 😊. Thank you x

Karen Tatom

We are so lucky to have this talented business here. I’ve had several items altered with excellent service. If I ever need a bespoke garment, Goodrich bespoke would be my only choice. And to top it all off, the studio is beautiful.


Had three pairs of new(ish) jeans that were to baggy, Goodrich bespoke adjusted them to perfection, I will just have to keep weight off.
Thank you ian

Kevin Dand

Friendly, knowledgeable and fast. I popped in last week thinking I would leave some trousers with them…. they repaired them straight away, good quality service with a smile. Thank you both

David Roland

Excellent friendly expert service

Kiara Bird

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Carried out excellent alterations at very short notice. Great customer service and superb quality of work. Highly recommend their skilled and Fantastic services !

Felix Ashwood

Super speedy service on my dress repair and amazing customer service – will definitely be back with some dress alterations soon! Thank you 😊

Steve Hayward

Just to let you know, I’ve worn the dinner suit twice now since you kindly adjusted it to fit. For the first time, I have complete strangers stopping me in the street to tell me how smart I look wearing it. 

To say I am pleased with the results of your efforts is something of an understatement, ecstatic is probably closer to the mark.

Heidi Strickland-Clark

I so nearly threw a loved jacket away that had a few holes in, some fabulous safety pins for keeping a hem in place and raggedy old sleeve linings. Now it’s all sorted from Goodrich Bespoke and I have a good as new item again  Thank you!

Harvie Rawlins

Indubitably. Kind of work you expect from a great tailor. Thanks again for the work on my cycling tweed. out again today in the cold and I smile every time I put it on.

Pascal McNamara

I didn’t realise clothes could be mended/altered so efficiently until I dropped in to Goodrich at lunchtime today. What looked complicated to me was competently dealt with in just minutes for a fair price. Highly recommended.

Mark Cooper

Professionalism, Responsiveness

Lauren Baker

Fantastic customer service and amazing work, thank you so much! Highly recommended.

Naomi Brown


Amazing service and tailoring at its finest… And so committed to meeting customers needs!

Kara Ferrington

Sarah Tayor

A big thank you for adjusting my party dress so quickly and so beautifully. It fits perfectly. I will definitely be back!

Jo Jackson

Came to Goodrich Bespoke with a school jacket that needed altering (sleeves shortened). Jacket was completed in good time and no evidence from the outside that it has ever been altered! Amazing.


I am extremely happy with the service. All of the staff are very professional, efficient and personable and I would definitely continue using Goodrich Bespoke. I would highly recommend them to locals in the area. Many thanks for all your help.

Rosie Hawkins

Thank you ladies for brilliant, helpful service today. Very fast, efficient and talented.

Sophie Cadec

Lovely, friendly and officiant people. Phoned up early afternoon today to see if they could fix my work top for tomorrow. The seem down the front had come apart. Only a small job but they decided to do it free of charge. Very lovely lady x

Mark McCluskey

Brilliant little business – quality of work was excellent ( trouser shorting & Waxed jacket repair ) very reasonable prise wise – the Two Lady Taylors are very friendly and up for a chat & laugh – would definitely recommend 👍.