Asymmetrical Androgynous Coat

Asymmetrical  Androgynous Coat

This Asymmetrical Androgynous Coat is made for a woman who really feels the cold. She wanted a coat that was not only to keep her warm but has the right balance of versatility, style and function. It has a whopping 6 pockets and can hold most things needed on a good night out. I must admit that it differs from my regular bespoke as it has not had a lot of the traditional tailoring techniques applied and much more “mass manufactured” in the style of construction. This is predominantly due to the weight of the cloth to start with, its quite a weighty coat!

The chocolate brown moleskin is an unconventional cloth for the job but the high density cotton will keep any wind chill out and the shape is adaptable to button open and closed. It will wear and fade slightly which will add to the character in this instance. The hood is bonus protection from the harsher weather and the wrist tabs can block the cold from creeping up the sleeves. 

It is finished with a horizontal feature split in the waist and hand sewn arrowheads, brass buttons, olive lining and an asymetrical hem which is longer in the front (acting like a blanket when sitting). 

Asymetrical  Androgynous Coat Asymetrical  Androgynous Coat
Asymetrical  Androgynous Coat Asymetrical  Androgynous Coat

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