Welcome to Goodrich Bespoke

Located in the centre of Wokingham, we provide a bespoke tailoring and clothing alterations service to the Berkshire area and beyond.

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What is bespoke?

If you have ever had bespoke tailored garments before you will know just how good they feel to wear. Bespoke tailoring is the pinnacle of luxury, elegance and style. Much like couture dressmaking is at the pinnacle for dresses, bespoke is the equivalent for the suit world. Not only does the cut and fit surpass anything off the rack, the process and construction make it a more economically sound and sustainable fashion choice. A bespoke suit can outlast a cheap suit purchase tenfold. Opting for a classic cut ensures you’ll never go out of style.

Know the difference

We create a suit from scratch that is tailored perfectly for each and every one of our clients. This differs greatly from most other tailoring services you will see advertised. The term ‘Bespoke’ has been the topic of many disputes over its use. Originally confined to describing only a suit made on Savile Row adhering to a strict list of construction methods. Sadly the word has lost some of its value. Especially since low end suppliers are using the word to imply value to a suit of mediocre value at best.

Making the cut

Firstly, every one of our bespoke garments begins with a design concept, a set of body measurements and the chosen cloth and lining. Next, your suit pattern is chalked out on the cloth. In preparation for the first fitting the cloth and all the internal structuring, such as canvases are cut out and hand sewn together. Finally, through a series of fittings the the fit is perfected as the suit is built. The term ‘bespoke’ comes from when a tailor would set aside a length of cloth for their customer. Therefore, the cloth has been ‘spoken for’. No one else will have the same suit as yours.

Customer area of Goodrich Bespoke providing bespoke tailoring and clothing alterations to the Wokingham and wider area

Why the Twist?

downward angle image of bespoke tailored red coat with oversized collar and lapels

Our suits are unrivalled because we maintain the construction techniques that Savile Row bespoke tailoring is world famous for. All while challenging the perceptions of traditional tailoring. The majority of the old-school bespoke houses are stuck in a ‘house style’. They are known best for this is the style of tailoring. Whether it is a particular shape of the jacket or a high sleeve roll their name is synonymous with that tailored look. Which also means that the tailors rarely deviate from the same cut and fit for each customer. 

When it comes to tailored design we like to bend the bespoke rules a little. Providing you a garment that is of unparalleled quality and construction while enjoying the individuality of your style.

Don’t worry, just because we’ve built a reputation for our ‘twist’, we can also adhere to the traditional styles of business attire, black tie and evening wear too. Heck, you can always go silly with the lining inside.

What makes us different


Kerry doesn’t just have tailoring knowledge. She has the full spectrum of experience in the range of tailored garments she can make. Her theatrical tailoring skills provide a solid understanding of cuts and styles spanning historical garments through to cutting edge fashion and to fit every figure shape and size. Goodrich Bespoke is at the vanguard of a new generation of young, dynamic and creative tailors. There are no limits to our bespoke tailoring,


In 2011 Kerry established Goodrich Bespoke, making her personalised services available for all by providing a much needed bespoke tailoring and clothing alterations service to the Wokingham area.  In doing so, Kerry set out to overturn the traditional conventions of the industry, transforming the bespoke experience into an comfortable, relaxed, informal, and possibly even fun experience. The moment you step into the studio the warm, friendly environment and the open plan area allowing for complete transparency where visitors can see the bespoke process in action.


image of two ladies wearing bespoke tailoring

When it comes to choosing your suit, your personal needs are carefully considered at all stages of the process. If you have a particular function that the garment needs to perform, this will be incorporated in the early stages of construction. Some examples of where this may occur are:

+ that your suit is for a wedding but you want to get the most from your money and wish to wear it for many years after the wedding,
+ a musician,
+ for theatrical or ballroom dancing performances,
+ has job specific requirements such as extra or hidden pockets,
+ adaptable for frequent weight fluctuations,
+ to accommodate movement limitations, restrictions or physical characteristics

Our client base is hugely diverse, with many clientele travelling from all over England seeking our services. What is clear is our clients all share a love of the clothes Kerry makes and the relaxed, informal service she provides. Goodrich Bespoke has earned an excellent reputation amongst the LGBT+ community with her bridal suits continually in high demand.

Value for Money

Why does the bespoke tailoring from Savile Row suits cost so much when ours are £1000’s cheaper? Just like in fashion, you are paying for a name, reputation and, most likely the astronomical overheads of a storefront on the Row. We provide the same quality garments and service from Goodrich Bespoke but without all those extra costs added to your bill.

We give our customers a fantastic service with quality and professional workmanship. A bespoke suit that provides all this and will last decades is pretty easy if you have an unlimited budget. The difficulty lies with providing all this at a fraction of the cost. Not only have we achieved this, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our methods.

If I do a job in 30 minutes, it’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years, not the minutes


Ultimately it is your decision as to whether our bespoke is right for you. For you, an investment in a bespoke suit that will outperform any ‘off the rack’ tailoring may not be your priority. If that is the case, please bear in mind that any tailoring you purchase is worth investing in having altered to fit you better. The high street stores make their standard size garments to cater for as many body shapes in one. Very few people, if any are exactly that shape. Remember a little fitting tweak goes a long way to improving the appearance of your suit. You can read more about our clothing alteration service here.