Making a Waistcoat from a Jacket

Making a Waistcoat from a Jacket

Nick approached me with an unusual request to make a waistcoat from a jacket. He had found a jacket he loved in a store but couldn’t get a waistcoat to match. Armed with a second jacket he’d purchased, I set about making a pattern to fit him and juggle the pieces so I could cut enough from the jacket. It only worked as Nick is slim build and the jacket was big enough to piece. I certainly wouldnt recommend this as an easy option, but I do like a challenge.

The waistcoat was lined in a elegant gold paisley print on burgundy, out of which I also made pocket squares for the bridal party – and a collar for his dog.

Impressed by the look of the waistcoat, Nick then asked for a bespoke pair of trousers in a chocolate coloured worsted flannel from Harrisons of Edinburgh to compliment his new tweed duo.


the original jacket

razor for unpicking

bespoke waistcoat basted for fitting



hand working buttonholes on trouser pocket

bespoke trousers from worsted flannel