Jenni’s Grey Wedding Suit

Jenni’s Grey Wedding Suit

Jenni’s Grey Wedding Suit is more than just a grey wedding suit. It is two tone! With orange lining! and purple accents!

Jenni and I first met as she was a bridesmaid for a wedding we did all the alterations for, ladies and mens. We were chatting about various things during her fitting but mostly how fish out of water wearing a bridesmaid dress was. I can’t say I’ve ever worn one, skirts and dresses are in my life but I much prefer a good trouser, both personally and professionally. Crawling on the floor for fittings is not easy in a skirt! Anyway, back to Jenni…

A few months later Jenni contacted me for her wedding suit, she wanted something you really can’t find on the high street. We went with sharp lines and angles for the collar, lapel and pockets and finished with a double button she could do up both ways (see photos). Her sleeve buttons were accented with a feature purple buttonhole and she wore the suit with a purple shirt.

Her trousers reflected the style of the jacket and would work equally well on their own. I trimmed the frog pockets with dark grey and the dark waistband could be mistaken for a belt on lazy days. I am really pleased with how it turned out, as was Jenni.






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