Carla’s Tuxedo Wedding Suit

Carla’s Tuxedo Wedding Suit

Carla’s Tuxedo Wedding Suit

When Carla came into the studio the first time it was all a bit brief. She wanted to know if we could make her wedding tuxedo suit in the style of Janelle Monae as she was under instruction from her girlfriend to get it sorted early. And then she disappeared. As the months passed, every now and then I was heard lamenting that I wished she would come back in as her suit sounded exactly like what I wanted to make. Six months or so later Carla came to order her suit. Ever the professional, I blurted out something daft like “Its YOU! I’ve been talking about wanting you to come in and order!” Thankfully this didn’t send her screaming for the door and she ordered her suit. I then had to wait another few months before we started on it.

As the style was mostly set in the design from the reference photos we worked on finalising details. Carla was after a suit that was still feminine and not boxy or butch, a shape that is flattering to her figure and had some wow factor, and boy did it. We used a traditional barathea cloth and silk lapels and trims, I also made the oversize bowtie to finish it off perfectly. The lining is from Twisted linings and featured a cheeky design dancing ladies on a red background.







The photos from Carla’s wedding to Sara are from Charlotte King Photography and are absolutely stunning. Thank you to Charlotte for the images.

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