Brian and Kirsty’s Wedding Photos

Brian and Kirsty’s Wedding Photos

You may remember the I original post I did  about Brian’s wedding suit. It really was such a pleasure to to make for Brian and I am honoured that my tailoring contributed to part of Kirsty and Brian’s wedding day. 

To receive the lovely thank you card from them with a glowing testimonial absolutely made my day: 

Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did designing and making Brian’s suit – he got so many compliments… and I thought he looked AMAZING! More importantly – he felt amazing. You are so skilled! The usher waistcoats helped pull the whole theme together…  

                      Love Kirsty and Brian

Their wedding photos are at Kirtsin Prisk – Wedding Photographer Cornwall and they look stunning. 

These are just a few of the photos from Kirstin Prisk’s website (with a focus on Brian’s suit – obviously) so check out his full blog on Kirsty and Brian’s wedding for more.