A background tailoring for theatre, film and TV means Kerry has practical knowledge of production techniques and styles across different periods – invaluable experience that gives her versatile skills a standard tailor will simply be unable to match.

Kerry’s credentials within the entertainment industry are exceptional. Her theatrical tailoring has appeared in many well-known international productions. These include We Will Rock You (Australia and Asia tour), The Full Monty and Saturday Night Fever.

Kerry has also tailored costumes for 2 seasons of the Australian TV production of So You Think You Can Dance, using her knowledge in cutting for dance wear.

Since 2011 Kerry has been working closely with Madame Tussaud’s figure production team. With her experience of theatrical tailoring and and bespoke skills, her clothing replicas made for the wax figures are on display around the world.

Kerry’s theatrical tailoring for figures includes:

  • The Queen
  • Elvis
  • Jackie Chan (five versions)
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Elton John
  • Ryan Gosling 
  • Martin Luther King
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Stevie Wonder 
  • Lorde
  • …and many more

You can find out more about some of these costumes and gain some insight into the making process in the blog section of the website. 

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"If you are a vintage enthusiast, re-enactor or good ol' Chap, high quality theatrical tailoring can be what sets you apart."
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Kerry made me a trouser suit and waistcoat to die for. It was so good it was featured in a Reading newspaper. She has a wonderful variety of fabrics to choose from, makes marvellous suggestions and her tailoring and attention to detail is spot on. I’ve now given her a couple more projects and just know she’ll make exactly what I hoped for. I wish her lots and lots of success because she deserves it.

Ann Farr