Paul’s Waistcoat from a Tablecloth

Paul’s Waistcoat from a Tablecloth

I met Paul at Reading Business Club. He is a wine merchant and one day, out of the blue, came up to me and enquired “I have a tablecloth I bought in France, could you make it into a waistcoat?” My answer was simply, “Sure, I don’t see why not.” And that was that. Making a bespoke waistcoat from a tablecloth is something I never thought I’d be asked to do but that is what makes my job so much fun. A week later I had taken his measurements and started on making the pattern and cutting out the waistcoat. 

As the print was large and very dominant, I took my time to work out the best way to cut it so that I didn’t accidentally crop someones head off or destroy the print design. I had to do a little more machining to finish it than I usually would but the fabric is, well, a tablecloth so very stiff and hard to hand sew. Paul and I both agreed that back buttons looked the best with the bold design and I finished it off with hand sewn buttonholes.

Paul is thrilled with the waistcoat, along with the compliments he receives at his tasting events, he also says how wonderful it is that he can leave the event looking much neater – his waistcoat is wipe-clean!

mens bespoke waistcoat cut from a tablecoth